Remote Coaching

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Our services are designed for individuals who want to look, feel, and perform better, but simply need help and guidance getting there.

Sam changed my life. Today, I’m in the best place I’ve ever been at – mentally, emotionally and physically. I came to Sam hopeless, looking for help, and I ended up finding not only an outstanding coach but an extraordinary mentor and life long friend. Thank you Sam, for picking up my broken pieces and building me back up.

— Santiago Peralta

The benefits of working together

Comprehensive History

We will review your history in order to create a customized assessment to determine a needs analysis for coaching.

Video Consultation

An initial 30-minute virtual consultation to ensure that you receive a completely individualized program to meet your needs.

Custom Programming

A comprehensive 4-week program tailored to meet your specific goals while accounting for your medical history, injuries, and pain.

Email Support

Unlimited email correspondence to make sure you are consistently on track for success.

Weekly Check-ins

You will have the opportunity to provide weekly feedback to discuss progress, challenges, and questions for the past week of training.

Movement Analysis

Video analysis of various exercises and movements will be performed throughout the process.

Exercise Videos

Programming contains high quality exercise videos with verbal instructions.

Monthly Follow-up

Opportunity for optional monthly video calls at the end of the program to answer any questions and discuss topics related to training and health.

100% Commitment

We are fully committed to helping you reach your goals. If at any point you have questions or concerns, your coach will be available to help.

Training with Tony has been a wonderful learning experience because he takes the time to listen to what I would like to get out training, all while answering all my questions and adding his invaluable physical therapy knowledge about correct movement and training methodologies. I also appreciate that Tony makes strength and conditioning truly enjoyable. We have trained for specific sports, such as running and ice hockey, and have mixed in some new experiences, like Olympic lifting. Remote training has worked perfect and Tony can expertly put together a program to get you where you want to go. Tony’s mix of willingness to help you succeed, clear and detailed programming efforts, and wit has been simply amazing!

— Tracie

$350per month
  • Month to month coaching
  • Initial 30-minute video call
  • Virtual movement analysis
  • Personalized programming every month
  • Unlimited email support and weekly follow-up
  • Monthly check-in (optional)
$250per month
  • 6 months of coaching
  • Initial 30-minute video call
  • Virtual movement analysis
  • Personalized programming every month
  • Unlimited email support and weekly follow-up
  • Monthly check-in (optional)

Sam is one of the most knowledgable “in the trenches” coaches I’ve had the pleasure of knowing as a colleague as well as a coach. His programming was incredibly well thought out and specific to my goals with drills and accessory work that progressed as I did. He’s always up to date on the latest research surrounding training AND is deeply invested in his own training, which in my mind is the best combination of education and application that you could ask for in a coach.

— Kiefer Lammi

Still have some questions?

I was seeking help for foot and ankle pain when I was put in touch with Marc Surdkya. The program Marc put together for me was so enjoyable, empowering, and focused on overall strength that I nearly forgot about the foot and ankle weakness that I was working on at the same time. For me, not solely focusing on the foot/ankle issue gave me a healthier and more productive mindset. One of the most exciting workout days was hitting 8 chin-ups—a huge improvement from 3! Marc always responded promptly to any questions. I gained so much knowledge about working out long-term. I now feel confident in being able to perform the exercises I enjoy while keeping my foot/ankle more resilient as well.

— Megan Sparacio